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To celebrate Armenian Cultural Month, children were introduced to and served Ghapama today. Ghapama is one of the most famous traditional Armenian dishes. It is a celebratory Armenian stuffed pumpkin dish traditionally served between the New Year and Armenian Christmas. In Armenian, the word "Ghapama" literally means "cooked in a covered pot."
It is prepared by removing the guts of the pumpkin and stuffing it with boiled rice, enriched with dried fruits and nuts (such as chopped almonds, apple, apricot, plums, dates, prunes and raisins - Tufenkian Ghapama did not contain any almonds or nuts!) The pumpkin is then baked until it becomes soft, then brought to the table where it is cut-up and served.
There is even an Armenian song about this beloved meal known as "Hey Jan Ghapama" which the children sang today!
Please see below for pictures!