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ÔµÖ€Õ¥Ö„Õ·Õ¡Õ¢Õ©Õ«, Õ†Õ¸ÕµÕ¥Õ´Õ¢Õ¥Ö€ 5, 2019-Õ«Õ¶, Õ„Õ¡Õ¶Õ¯Õ¡Õ´Õ½Õ¸Ö‚Ö€Õ« Ô¿Õ¡ÕºÕ¸ÕµÕ¿ Ô½Õ´Õ¢Õ¡Õ¯Õ¶Õ¥Ö€Õ« Õ¥Ö€Õ¥Õ­Õ¡Õ¶Õ¥Ö€Õ¨ այցելեցին Glendale Central Ô³Ö€Õ¡Õ¤Õ¡Ö€Õ¡Õ¶Õ¨Ö‰

On Tuesday, November 5, 2019, Blue Group children visited the Glendale Central Library. They were given a tour of the library and participated in activities such as story time, choosing books to read individually, the process of returning books, and etc. A few pictures from this fun field trip are below.